How does the innovative bannergearsystem work?

The secret to the innovative bannergear ™ system is the intelligent way to attach vinyl prints.Frames based on a modern system are equipped with a tensioning mechanism that tightens the vinyl banner in an aluminium frame.The advantages of advertising with the bannergear ™ system are the ability to quickly, safely and conveniently change banners without the help of ladders or lifts. Our products have been developed and tested to meet the requirements, even in the most demanding conditions.

Available solutions of system bannergearsystem

bannergear™ innovative system wallslim

Wall systems

bannergear™ innovative system freeslim

Free-standing systems

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Advantages of the bannergearsystem

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Innovative vinyl banner exchange system. Fast, safe, comfortable, without using ladders or lifts.
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Any type of anodizing color – the aluminum frame can be anodized or painted in any color. The powder coating method allows you to adjust the colors to the object
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High quality. The perfect finish of the frame. Smooth and very resistant surface.

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Weatherproof system – aluminum frame, galvanized construction elements, vinyl banner, these are the features of bannergear ™ that make our product resistant to harsh weather conditions

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The highest quality Solvent, UV or Latex print – advertising banners provided by us meet the highest standards available on the market