bannergear™ Wallslim

Wall outdoor advertising system. 4 assembly points. Very light construction. Anodized aluminium frame. Profile size 9 cm x 14 cm.

bannergear™ Freeslim

Wall slim outdoor advertising system in a free-standing version. Occurs on concrete blocks or foundations.

bannergear™ High Dimensions System

Outdoor systems for large-format advertisements for mounting large-format prints without using ladders and elevators! Thanks to the possibility of lowering the upper beam with a rope to the bottom edge, we can replace the banner, the grid from the ground level..

bannergear™ Big Format

Large-format advertising not permanently connected with the land. The highest quality and aesthetics of workmanship are designed by an authorized constructor engineer. The constructions meet all Polish building standards. The basis is concrete blocks.

bannergear™ Backlight

Backlight – internal lighting system. We achieve the perfect effect thanks to the use of unique LED rear lighting solutions and the highest quality HP Latex prints.

bannergear™ Frontlight

Frontlight – to extend and improve the visibility of your posters. Super economical single LED illuminator on the boom.