Wall-mounted ads

The most innovative outdoor advertising system. It allows you to replace vinyl banners instantly. Banner replacement takes only 5 minutes, and at the same time: the highest quality of materials used for frame production (TUV, ISO certification), excellent quality of vinyl banners (about 300 dpi), uniform smooth banner surface, possibility of changing the location of prints, resistance to atmospheric conditions (snow, low temperatures, water, wind, sun), durability (up to 1 year, while maintaining excellent quality and saturation of colours)

Free standing ads

Free standing ads

Frontlight / Backlight ads

Illuminated systems are perfect for dedicated applications – both outside and inside of buildings. The BACKLIGHT version that is particularly recommended by us is the solution that allows displaying and brightening the advertisement, thanks to the innovative SUPER LED lighting.

We are a leading supplier of outdoor ads system solutions in the area of network customer service in Poland (Lotos, Biedronka, CASTORAMA) and Europe (Cinema City, Cineworld). We offer unique solutions for advertising and external communication.

1. Audit

Professional inventory of facilities. The collected information is placed in the exposure monitoring system.
bannergear™ innovative system

2. Production

Our company manufactures large-format advertising systems and components. We maintain the highest production standards, and we take care of every detail.We have been manufacturing advertising elements since the beginning of our existence.

We employ people who undertake the tasks set before us with commitment.

We also work with proven, long-term suppliers and have the potential to enable continuous development of the company.

bannergear™ innovative system

3. Assembly

We only have our assembly teams. We can flexibly make installations throughout Poland and Europe. We carry out parallel assembly – in many facilities at the same time. Also, our teams remove old advertising posters and help in waste disposal.

Every day, our products become more advanced, and their assembly as well. Only experienced, trained and professional fitters carry out the correct implementation.

4. Digital print

We specialize in large-format printing using digital technology.
  • vinyl material
  • mesh
  • sticky foil
  • fabrics
UV – high-quality digital printing, using UV inks cured by UV radiation. This technology allows obtaining excellent quality images, characterized by very high resistance to abrasion and UV radiation. This type of printing can be used on a wide range of materials: from roll to flat, such as plexiglass, glass, PVC, dibond up to 2.5 m flat, 5 m wide. SOLVENT
It uses pigmented solvent inks (based on organic solvents) for printing. The most significant advantage of this printing technique is its high resistance to UV radiation, atmospheric conditions (including ultraviolet radiation) and high resistance to mechanical damage. The maximum width of media printing from a roll is 500 cm.
The latest printing technology with eco-friendly, odourless water-based inks, with high scratch resistance and extraordinary image quality. It is distinguished by excellent colour reproduction and print detail, and relatively long life of printed materials. A significant advantage is the odourless prints, which allows you to use materials indoors. Maximum printing width of roll materials 3.2 m

Digital and offset printing:

  • Any file format (pdf, tiff, docx, jpg etc.), however, we recommend that you provide pdf files as it is a file format that prevents any editing, and thus nothing will fall apart (shifts, the texts jump to the next page, etc.)
  • Any colour space
  • If the files contain graphic elements touching the edges of the sheet, the files should have bleeds min. 3 mm, and elements important for the project (e.g. address on a business card etc.) should be offset from the edge of the sheet by 3 to 5 mm
  • Files should be in a 1: 1 scale and centred on the page

Large format printing:

  • File format: flattened tiff, no compression
  • CMYK color space
  • Files should be in a 1: 1 scale
  • If the printout is to be glued onto a rigid substrate (foam, PVC), the bleed should be min. 5 mm, and elements necessary for the project (e.g. name on the final essay, etc.) should be offset from the edge of the sheet by 3 to 5 mm
  • If the customer wants the printout itself, bleeds are not needed
  • joining segments into larger elements (by welding)
  • laminating and foiling (color stability and mechanical strength up to 5 years)
  • edge reinforcement
  • plastic and metal grommets (eyelets)
  • pockets and pleats for tensioning belts and ropes
  • invisible weld (versions of illuminated posters)
  • on sleeves
  • on rolls
  • in packages

5. Logistics


6. Service

Framework service
bannergear™ innovative system

Technical information

bannergear™ innovative system
It is possible to adapt the solutions to the colours required for the given object (see projects: Skoda, Lotos).
bannergear™ innovative system
As standard, we make frames from anodized aluminium in grey.
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It is possible to make a large-format advertising frame in any anodizing colour (a reference to the anodized aluminium palette).
bannergear™ innovative system
It is also possible to make the frame in any RAL colour – frame visualizations with a computer-generated colour.