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LED & LCD screens

Panel LED Reklama naścienna bannergear™

Indoor and outdoor multimedia screens operating in LED technology are recently one of the most popular advertising media designed to transmit information in digital format used in marketing and public...

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iPoster Reklama wolnostojąca LCD bannergear™

iPoster is a mobilefreestanding LED screen which can be used in various creative  installations or be wall mounted. Digital screens draw 400% more attention than static screens. Our screens are...

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Konstrukcje reklamowe wielkoformatowe High Dimension bannergear™
Podświetlany kaseton reklamowy Light Box XXL
Tablica reklamowa, billboard bannergear™ model Wall Slim
Slide System - rama reklamowa - skuteczna reklama banery winylowe
Konstrukcja reklamowa wielkoformatowa z opatentowanym systemem napinania banerów bannergear™ High Dimension