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Present your offer in the best light - Wall Slim.

Meet the modern and functional banner tensioning system.

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Highlight what is most important - BackLight.

The most impressive lighting for outdoor and indoor advertising.

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Always Stay Updated - LightBox

Light structure and printout are easy to replace without using tools.

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03.Support for billboards, advertising media

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

Mark Twain

Billboards, wall-mounted or free-standing advertisements, with frontlight illumination, backlight, for indoor or outdoor use, digital screens, LED screens … you don’t know what to choose?

How to guide clients to your company, headquarters, premises? Or maybe you need a lot of billboards / panels in different cities where you want to constantly change messages?

We will help you choose a strategy, the right advertising medium as well as its type and size. We will also calculate costs associated with its production and service. We can print the banner in any format and on most suitable material. At the client’s request, we will install the selected advertising medium in Poland, in Europe, USA and Israel.

Modern and innovative outdoor advertising systems. WIDE OFFER

You don’t know what system to choose? Send us your inquiry – we will select type and design structure according to your instructions.

Our design department will help you choose the right system. We have a wide range of outdoor and indoor advertising media, as well as modern LED and LCD media controlled by a website or mobile applications.

As specialists in the production of advertising systems, we can offer you the highest quality outdoor advertising media tailored to your needs. Already at the project preparation stage, we will implement such solutions that meet your expectations in one hundred percent. Our advantage is the wide range of innovative advertising media that is easy to handle and cost efficient.

Wall Slim

Wall Slim bannergear™ system is an innovative, functional and elegant outdoor advertising carrier.

  • graphics exchange without ladder or lift usage
  • smooth, uniform banner surface
  • highest quality anodized aluminium
  • light and stable construction
  • adjustable frame size and color
  • patented banner tensioning system
More than advertising Sample projects
Rama reklamowa bannergear, model: Wall Slim, podświetlenie Front Light 1 lampa LED, kolor: Czarna Rama anodowana
Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model Wall Slim, Oświetlenie Front Light, Srebrna rama, Stacja Paliw Moya
Rama reklamowa naścienna bannergear - wymiana banerów - model: Wall Slim podświetlenie Front Light
Naścienna Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model Wall Slim,
Naścienna Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model Wall Slim
Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model Wall Slim - kolor czarny
Reklama Rama bilboard model: Wall Slim - Realizacja Biedronka
Ramy reklamowe naścienne bannergear model: Wall Slim
Rama reklamowa realizacja dla Biedronka model: Wall Slim
Realizacja Biedronka - Rama reklamowa bannergear model: Wall Slim
Rame reklamowa aluminiowa model Wall Slim - bannergear™
Rama reklamowa aluminiowa bannergear™ model: Wall Slim

High Dimension

High Dimension bannergear™system is a frame to expose large format.

  • quick and easy banner exchange
  • no ladders and lifts needed
  • save time and money
  • autoblocking tensioning system
  • very high work safety
  • poster on vinyl banner or mesh netting
  • resistant to weather effects
More than advertising Sample projects
Rama reklamowa pozioma - reklama wielkoformatowa - model High Dimension
Najlepsza reklama wielkoformatowa - System bannergear™ model High Dimension to rama do ekspozycji banerów wielkich formatów.
Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension - Realizacja Salon Skoda
Naścienna Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension - oświetlenie Front Light
Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension - Oświetlenie front light
Naścienna Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension
Usługa wyklejania folia - Realizacja SKODA
reklama wyklejanie folia - realizacja SKODA
Rama reklamowa wielkoformatowa model High Dimension Realizacja Galeria Handlowa Bemowo
Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension Realizacja Sephora
Reklama wielkoformatowa model: High Dimension - realizacja Raszyn Centrym Kultury
Rama reklamowa nascienna - system wymiany banerów bannergear model: High Dimension

Light Box

Tensioned fabric system Light box is made of an aluminium frame and graphic printed on fabric.

  • frameless system
  • anodized aluminium frame
  • weather effect resistant print
  • maintenance don’t affect print
  • very easy print exchange
  • uniformed lightning on whole advertisement
More than advertising Sample projects
Rama reklamowa Cinema City - Reklama podświetlana Light Box
Reklama na ekranach LCD Reklama wewnetrzna
Naścienna Rama reklamowa model Light Box - reklama podświetlana
Ekran LCD - reklama wewnętrzna
Rama reklamowa z podświetleniem, model: Wall Slim - Back Light
Rama reklamowa Light Box Reklama wewnętrzna Reklama podświetlana

LED & LCD screens

Indoor and outdoor multimedia screens operating in LED technology are recently one of the most popular advertising media designed to transmit information in digital format used in marketing and public space.

  • remote control via the app
  • ability to display any content
  • ability to build any playlist
  • dynamic presentation of video content
  • high image brightness
  • high-quality aluminum die-cast housing
  • a system protecting against heating the device
  • can be used individually or two-sided (with the backs facing each other)
More than advertising Sample projects
Podwieszane ekrany LED - Hala sportowa
Rama reklamowa aluminiowa model: Light Box - podświetlna
Reklama na ekran LED - Prezentacja
Sferyczne ekrany LED na wysokości 7 metrów - Reklama dla Cinema City
Sferyczny Ekran LED - Realizacja bannergear™
Sferyczny ekran LED IMAX dla Cinema City
Realizacja - Reklama LED - Nośnik reklamowy LED
reklama wewnętrzna bannergear - nosnik reklamowy LED
System reklamy podświetlany Light box -
Naścienne ekrany LED (ściany LED) - moduł LED bannergear

Modern and innovative outdoor advertising systems. Why is it worth investing in OOH outdoor advertising?

Out Of Home – advertising systems intended for outdoor exposure.

  • mass and wide range - outdoor can be seen by everyone moving near the point of sale
  • direct, hard to miss exposure - multiple contact of customers with the advertising message
  • message supporting purchase impulses - encouraging potential customers to enter
  • high frequency of contacts - thanks to repeated contact with views of the same campaign, advertising message is easily remembered by the recipient
  • long-term operation - the ad is visible 24 hours/seven days a week
  • low cost of reaching potential customers compared to other media
  • no need to access other media - recipients of outdoor advertising do not need access to newspapers, TV or the Internet to see it
  • low cost of local campaigns - thanks to rotation of media, same posters can be used multiple times in different locations
  • repetitive campaigns - we use the same prints (posters)
  • high revenue on investment - almost three times return on investment in relation to the cost of purchasing our system
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High Dimension Read more

Choose qualityPaper or vinyl system?



Paper or vinyl system ?

You do not know what type of carrier and medium to choose? Read what you should know about these materials....
Różnica miedzy papierem, a winylem porównanie



What is aluminum anodizing and it features?

Why our company choosed this kind of product processing? Aluminum anodizing, also known as eloxalization, is an electrochemical process in...
Ramy reklamowe z anodowanego aluminium, szybka wymiana banerów, wzornik anodowanie



Benefits for the Cinema City from the use of the bannergear™ frame system.

Customer: Cinema City location: Poland, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republicimplementation period: since 2012, ongoingkey numbers:200 screens400 billboard frames14,400 m2 of...
Naścienna Rama Reklamowa model: Wall Slim - Czarna rama reklamowa



Benefits for the Biedronka retailer chain from the use of the bannergear™ frame system.

The subject of this case study is design, implementation and maintenance of an outdoor advertising system in the largest retail...
Ramy reklamowe naścienne bannergear™ model Wall Slim, Biedronka 15 lat


Benefits for the Netto Company network from using the bannergear ™ frame system.

Design, implementation and maintenance of an outdoor advertising system in one of the largest retail sales networks in Poland Client:...
Rama reklamowa model Wall Slim Anodowane czarna rama Reklama Netto Niska cena to dobra cena


  • We offer over 100 different products
  • In the year of production, we printed over 15,000 banners
  • Working for our clients, we travel over 25,000 kilometers per month.
  • Our Coffee Express has done over 15,000 coffees, .... half of them with milk;)


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Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension - Realizacja Salon Skoda
System oświetlenie reklamy reklamowej Back Light
Rama reklamowa aluminiowa bannergear™ model: Wall Slim
Slide System - rama reklamowa - skuteczna reklama banery winylowe
Centrum Kultury Raszyn - Rama reklamowa bannergear - model Hig Dimension
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