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What we do ?

We offer innovative outdoor advertising systems. Thanks to the experience gained from cooperation with the largest retail chains, we create effective outdoor advertising solutions, which are a crucial element of sales promotion and brand communication strategy. We provide comprehensive solutions for external communication. Advertising constructions, advertising frames – billboards. We print large-format vinyl banners, and we offer support services.

Our mission

We create innovative advertising systems to strengthen our clients’ promotional activities.


We specialize in innovative large-format advertising systems. We are a team of people who, thanks to knowledge, experience and skills, build comprehensive outdoor advertising solutions. We use modern outdoor presentation systems to promote sales and brands. It is with us that you will find advertising billboards at attractive prices.


Discover the fast banner change system

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bannergear™ innovative system

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From design to assembly

Selecting the type of system, developing the concept of external communication. We support our clients’ activities at every stage. We print banners, posters, and we help our clients to choose appropriate locations, take stock of indicated objects, assemble systems and handle them. Our employees report each stage of the campaign..
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Advantages of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is the oldest and most popular form of presenting the company’s offer and image.
bannergear™ innovative system
Wide campaign coverage
bannergear™ innovative system
Low cost of local campaigns
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Low cost of reaching customers
bannergear™ innovative system
Actions 24/7/365
bannergear™ innovative system
High frequency of contact with the recipient
bannergear™ innovative system
Long-term operation of the campaign
bannergear™ innovative system
A message supporting impulse shopping
bannergear™ innovative system
Use of location potential