Benefits for the Cinema City from the use of the bannergear™ frame system.

Wisząca reklama, tablica reklamowa, billboard z opatentowanym systemem szybkiej wymiany banerów bannergear™ 2.0 model Wall Slim

Customer: Cinema City

  • location: Poland, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic
  • implementation period: since 2012, ongoing
  • key numbers:
    • 200 screens
    • 400 billboard frames
    • 14,400 m2 of own advertising space


  • Cinema City is one of the largest cinema chains in the world. It is also oneof the largest tenants of shopping malls. Before and during each screening, tens of thousands (millions) of viewers pass through these facilities.
  • the space around the cinema and in its interiors has enormous advertising potential.
  • the CC network decided to commercialize these venues and offer them to their film suppliers and distributors
  • development of advertising space in cinemas (walls, corridors, foyers, external walls of buildings).
  • use of frames with the bannergear™ system

Why bannergear™?

Frames bannergear™ model: Wall Slim 300 x 200 cm.

  • frame made of anodized aluminum and galvanized steel ensures high aesthetics and high durability
  • we used the Wall Slim model in the 300 x 200 cm format. The banner format is 280 x 180 cm
  • the internal banner tensioning system perfectly exposes the print, which is a uniform surface; it is resistant to all weather conditions and very easy to use
  • all frames are black and have LED lighting system – Backlight
  • banner replacement is very easy, safe and takes 3 minutes
  • frames have only 4 mounting points, edge lighting; they are are very light


  • The first implementation of the “Demo” project was in the Czech Republic, Ostrava. After installing one frame and presenting how to operate it, the choice was the bannergear™ system.
  • based on this system, it was decided to build an entire network of carriers and offer it to film suppliers and distributors
  • changing the banner after reading the instructions turned out to be a very easy operation and it can be easily carried out by cinema employees
  • production, printing, distribution and logistics of special banners for illumination are carried out by our company
  • each frame has its own identification number, which facilitates content management and reporting the status of campaign implementation

Benefits for the Cinema City from the use of the bannergear™ frame system.

  • all frames have been commercialized. Film distributors, CC suppliers pay for the use of advertising space in the cinema.
  • mass and wide range – billboards can be seen by everyone moving around cinemas and their interiors
  • direct, hard-to-miss exposure – repeatable contact of customers with the advertising message
  • messages encouraging subsequent visits to the cinema – encouraging potential customers to come back to the cinema for another film
  • high frequency of contacts
  • low costs of reaching potential customers compared to other media
  • low cost of local campaigns – thanks to the rotation of media, it is possible to use the same posters in different locations numerous times


  • Since the start of the outdoor advertising system based on the bannergear™ framework, we have implemented our solution in over 200 cinemas in Poland, USA, Israel, England, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. We have managed to build a network of carriers bringing additional income.
  • We have installed over 800 frames in cinemas. Thanks to this, the advertising message reaches millions of people every day.
  • We have been accompanying the Cinema City chain in various projects for over 11 years. We run campaigns by printing and delivering posters. We are constantly developing the entire system, taking care of the service. Frames are constantly monitored, kept in proper cleanliness and serviced.
  • We also mount other carriers: LED and LCD screens, Light Boxes. All systems are designed, developed and manufactured by bannergear™. This is the evidence of trust which the Cinema City chain has placed in PDC MEDIA Sp. z o.o.



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Wisząca reklama, tablica reklamowa, billboard z opatentowanym systemem szybkiej wymiany banerów bannergear™ 1.0 model Wall Slim

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