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Wall Slim billboards

Prazentacja ama reklamowa bannergear™ model Wall Slim

Wall Slim bannergear™ system is an innovative, functional and elegant outdoor advertising carrier. Frame is equipped with patented tensioning system which guarantees quick, safe and  easy banner exchange. Light, esthetic...

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High Dimension

Naścienna Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model High Dimension

High Dimension bannergear™system is a frame to expose Large format. Thanks to innovative mechanism switching even largest formats is very easy and can be made from ground level, without ladders,...

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Light Box

Naścienna Rama reklamowa model Light Box - reklama podświetlana

Tensioned fabric system Light box is made of an aluminium frame and graphic printed on fabric. Silicone rubber edged fabric allows quick and easy instalation. We have in offer different...

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Free Slim

Reklama wolnostojąca-Rama reklamowa bannergear™ model Free Slim

Model Free slim by bannergear™ system is innovative and elegant outdoor advertisement carrier. Freestanding advertising frame is light construction made from anodized aluminum with patented bannergear™ content exchange system. It...

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Slide System

Reklama naścienna bannergear™ model Slide System

Slide system model of bannergear™ system is made from two parallel profiles between which the advertising banner is placed. The system allows you to optimally tighten the printout and display...

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Back Light

Oświetlenie wewnętrzne reklamy Back Light na Rama bannergear™ model Wall Slim

Backilgh system is one of most effective and attractive ways to light up outdoor and indoor banner stand. The printout illuminated in this way resembles a high-resolution screen. It emanates...

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Banner Tube

Reklama wolnostojąca bannergear™ model Banner Tube

Bannergear™ system model Banner Tube  - It’s an ad carrier which can be freestanding, dig in or driven into ground. The structure is dug into the ground, the depth of embedding...

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LED & LCD screens

Panel LED Reklama naścienna bannergear™

Indoor and outdoor multimedia screens operating in LED technology are recently one of the most popular advertising media designed to transmit information in digital format used in marketing and public...

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iPoster Reklama wolnostojąca LCD bannergear™

iPoster is a mobilefreestanding LED screen which can be used in various creative  installations or be wall mounted. Digital screens draw 400% more attention than static screens. Our screens are...

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Front Light

Rama reklamowa naścienna bannergear™ model Wall Slim - oświetlenie Front Light

Front Light advertising frame is an outdoor lighting system. Designed by us, contains energy saving lamps illuminating ad content at night or in bad weather conditions. Modules can have time...

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Light Frame

Naścienna Rama reklamowa model Light Box - reklama podświetlana

Bannergear™ system Light Frame model is light advertisement construction made from aluminum profiles. Its one of most popular ad carriers used for company logo presentation, advertisement  or art exhibition. Light...

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Simple Frame

Rama reklamowa wolnostojąca Simple Frame

Bannergear™ system Simple Frame model – Light frame made from hot-dip galvanized steel profiles. Specially designed for this construction tensioning system is a mix of ASA plastic grip (best thermal...

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Wing Frame

System bannergear™ model Wing Frame

Bannergear™ system Wing Frame model is designated for mounting on lanterns, poles near restaurants, gas stations or similar. Intended for displaying two-sided banners. Carrier structure  is made from steel profiles...

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System oświetlenie reklamy reklamowej Back Light
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