Structures for large-format advertising

Structures for large-format advertising - quick and inexpensive installation

Our structures for large-format advertising consist of small and lightweight repetitive elements. Advertising by the highway is assembled quickly. Choosing our structure saves you time and money. You only need basic tools for assembly. You don’t need to rent cranes or lifts. Your employees do not need to receive special training. They will assemble the structure with the help of the included instructions. 


Stable and durable large format ads

The entire structure is protected by hot-dip galvanizing. As a result, it will not corrode. Safety of the structure for large-format advertising is ensured by high-quality steel used in the manufacture of frames. In addition, the stability of the scaffolding cz structure is ensured by a properly selected load.

Mobile and convenient to transport - advertisements along any highway

The advertising structures we offer are ideal as advertising carriers along national roads, expressways and highways. Thanks to the use of simple repetitive elements, bolted together, each structure can be disassembled at any time and moved to another location. They can even be transported by delivery truck. The entire structure is loaded with ready-made concrete blocks, such as curbs or paving slabs, which can be ordered from any construction wholesaler with transportation to the site.

Zoom in / Zoom out

We produce any size of large format advertising structures – billboards, megaboards, gigaboards, freestanding billboards. Our structures are designed so that they can be reduced and enlarged at will. You can add additional modules to an existing structure and change its size. The basic formats are 3×3, 6×3, 9×3, 12×3, 15×3, etc.

Large format mesh and banners straight from the printing house

We have our own large format printer – bannerprint™ where you can order high quality blockout banners and MESH mesh at very attractive prices. Without middlemen. We always deliver prints on time. 


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